Seafood and Grilled

36 Three Seasons                                                      Chicken - £5.90
Crispy Sea bass/Duck/Chicken with green and red peppers, Duck -£7.50
pineapples, onions, sweet basil, topped with chilli sweet        Fish - £10.90
and sour sauce

37  Goong Pad Pong Kari (Yellow Curry Stir-Fried)                          £10.90
King prawns stir-fried with peppers, onions, chilli oil, and egg in yellow curry paste gravy

38 Goong Ob Woon Sen
(Roast King Prawns with Vermicelli in Clay Pot)                               £10.90
Tiger king prawns, vermicelli, ginger, black peppers, and soy sauce roasted in a clay pot

39 Pla or Gung Nueng Manao (Zesty Steamed Sea bass / Prawn)    £10.90
Steamed sea bass or tiger king prawn dressed with seafood sauce for a blend of zesty, spicy blend

40 Pla Nueng See Eiw / Gung Nueng See Eiw
(Soy Sauce Steam Sea bass / Prawn)                                                   £10.90
Steamed sea bass or tiger king prawn dressed with special soy sauce

Grilled Dishes
41 Pla Pao Bai Tong                                                                           £10.90
Chargrilled fillet of sea bass fish wrapped in banana leaf and served with spicy seafood sauce
 42 Goong pow Ta Kai                                                                           £10.90
      Grilled tiger king prawn with lemongrass and thai style sauce served with
      spicy seafood sauce

 43 Chicken Satay                                                                                  £6.90
        Marinated chicken breast in satay sauce grilled and served with toast,
         sweet chilli sauce, and peanut sauce